Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We went camping this past weekend at Joe's Valley with my family. It was my mom's birthday on the 13th and Mike's birthday on the 14th. By the way Mike is 40 now (he, he). We had a lot of fun, especially the kids and dogs. The kids played in the dirt almost the entire time. When they weren't in the dirt they were riding 4-wheelers or eating. My brother Kirk brought his dog and we had our dog and they played in the dirt as much as the kids did.

This is my baby, Cole, he got so dirty we had to use the vaccum on him and Mike spent most of Sunday morning picking stickers out of his fur.

This is my nephew Alex. He's one of the youngest boys and I think he won the prize for the dirtest boy that weekend. This picture of him is probably the cleanest he was all weekend. I was watching him play in the dirt with a little plastic sand shovel and he would scoop the dirt up and pour it over his head then he would sit on the ground and pour the dirt over his legs and up the leg of his shorts.

Here is my little guy, Chance, it almost looks like he was eating the dirt. Well . . . at least he ate something.

Here is Uncle Kirk (my little brother) giving Ryan a ride on my machine.

Here is Adam and Leslye in the Razer with my hubby (the 40 year old).

Here is grandpa with Ryan

and here is my sis, Heather, with her 2 boys Ryan and Caleb.

Here are my handsome boys, Austin and Chance on Austin's machine. And no Chance is not flipping me off he is showing me the peace sign.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hip Hip Hooray! School has started! Austin has started the sixth grade. He really likes his teacher, Mrs. Smith. Our goal is to have a better year this year. He is going to focus more and improve his grades and get ready for Jr. High.
Chance is starting kindergaten and he gives it a thumbs up. He has been so excited to start school he could hardly stand it. He loves his teacher, Mrs Wood. Kindergaten starts a week later than the other kids and Chance was pretty upset when Austin started school and he didn't. But once the day rolled around for his turn he couldn't have been happier.